Press Release - August 2006

Integrated Development Group LLC Launches The Next Generation of Luxury Senior Living ™

Matt Phillips, Founder and President of Integrated Development Group, launched a real estate development firm designed to create the next generation of luxury senior living to address the ever growing needs of the Boom-agers.™

IDG is a full-service real estate development firm offering services ranging form site selection, due diligence, construction, design and wellness support. Matt, a former Executive at Classic Residence by Hyatt, has a proven track record of developing over $1 Billion of senior living assets. “At IDG, we want to create the next evolution of luxury senior living”, said Matt Phillips.

There are more seniors than any other previous generation in history, with over 4 million entering the senior market per year. The market demand is there. The over 55+ segment is growing and these active seniors are demanding innovation in their living communities. The demand for new ideas is there as this consumer segment seeks youthful activities coupled with universal design elements that allow for age- related transitions. “IDG is prepared with a new vision for meeting this demand,” said Phillips. We’ve created a new name for this important segment. We call them the Boom-agers.”

The IDG team blends senior management expertise with first hand knowledge of operating profitable senior communities. “Our unique experience and expertise in the senior marketplace can help our partners’ operaltionalize their plans more efficiently and effectively.”

Integrated Development Group, The Next Generation of Luxury Senior Living. ™

For more information please call 847.480.0700.

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